Milagro Modern Mexican – St. Louis, MO

House Margarita, Milagro Modern Mexican

The house Margarita was good …

My wife and I found ourselves kid-free on this Sunday afternoon so we took a little trip into St. Louis for some Margarita sampling. I did some research and we settled on Milagro Modern Mexican in Webster Groves. I’m glad we did because not only was the food excellent, but they also had some very good Margaritas.

I started with their house Margarita, while my wife had a “Top Shelf” Margarita with Riazul tequila. My impression of the house Margarita was that the tequila hit a little bitter at first taste. I would have preferred more of the citrus and sweet flavor to come through. However, it was still very good. But I took a few sips of my wife’s Margarita and I could tell the difference right away. The overall flavor was much smoother with a good hit of citrus flavor, a subtle sweetness, and the tequila balanced just right.

Top Shelf Margarita, Milagro Modern Mexican

… but the Top Shelf Margarita was better!

I went ahead and had a second Margarita, opting for a Top Shelf but this time with Tres Generaciones tequila. Our server Natalie suggested that the “Tres Gen” would have a little more tequila bite, so I wanted to experiment. She was correct, as I could tell that the tequila did have a more prominent taste at first. With the Tres Gen tequila the Top Shelf Margarita was just a little less smooth due to the tequila bite, but it was actually a little sweeter with the citrus coming through at the finish. Still, an excellent Margarita. Given the various Margaritas I tasted that afternoon, I would give Milagro’s house Margarita a 7.5 and their Top Shelf Margarita an 8.5.

I mentioned their server Natalie, who was very knowledgeable about the Margaritas and tequilas. Regarding the choice of tequilas for their Top Shelf Margaritas, she said that Riazul was the smoothest (which my wife liked), she wouldn’t recommend Patron, Don Juilo had a “regular” bite, and the Tres Generaciones was not as smooth as Riazul but had less bite than Don Julio. Natalie also recommended that we try their Tuna Ceviche, which was an excellent appetizer that we had as a main course. Their guacamole was also very, very good.

If you’re in the Webster Groves area, I highly recommend stopping by Milagro Modern Mexican. I know we will again soon.